The Dining Table Project

Dom found a very nice dining table in a thrift store. Sort of a french provincial inspiration wooden table (in real wood) that had some wear and tear but that was in overall great shape. Best part is: it only cost us 120$!

We wanted to turn into something like this:

So we needed to paint it white, stain the top and cover the chairs. It seemed like a big project but, little by little we are getting there.

First we covered the chair with the help of my in laws (actually my father in law covered the chairs while we watched).

We found the fabric at another thrift store where my in-laws do some charity work. It was originally a bed cover and we got it for only 2$!

Now we are in the process of painting the chairs white and the result is so far pretty awesome!!


Next step is to stain and varnish the top! More on this soon.


21 thoughts on “The Dining Table Project

  1. Pierre Renaud est dcd le 14 -02-1908 à 86 ans et Aurélie est dcd le 19-12-1903.
    Pour ce qui est des maisons de Pierre et Octave, je pense que l’on parle de 2 maisons différentes La maison de Pierre serait le 201 et celle d’Octave le 205 …….

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