Shopping on Kijiji

Thanks to Suzanne & Robert, my wonderful in-laws, we have a new mattress.

Not the ikea type, but the real deal! Problem is, it’s a queen and we have a double frame. Since we are moving, we decided to get a new frame (and since we are on a budget we decided to go look in the classified).

We knew we wanted something antique looking and we had some inspiration from Pinterest:

A white wrought Iron bed is what we wanted.

And we found it!

Except that its black… we might paint it or not. A nice trucker named Jean sold it to us for 70$! We had to go get it in Rigaud (about 1h away), so we did on a super foggy Monday night. We strapped it to the hood of car and prayed that it wouldn’t fly away on the way back home. And now we have an awesome antique(ish) looking solid iron bed!

I love kijiji.


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