Hélène The Nun, circa 1920

Thanks to Lise, we now have a face to put to the name.

Hélène Renaud religieuse

Hélène Renaud, daughter of Octave Renaud became a nun at the age of 18. We think that Marie-Ange Renaud probably already lived in the house until 1939, when her sister officially gives her the house.

The only thing that is weird, is that Octave had already left the house in 1920 to Marie Ange (et al.). Why did Hélène had to officially renounce to the house in 1939 since it did not really belong to her? Was it symbolic since she was a nun?

In any case now our theory is that Marie-Ange Renaud has been living in the house, alone from her father’s passing up until 1954, when she sells it.

The question now is, who is Marie-Ange Renaud?

By the way, the resemblance between Hélène and her mother is impressive!


Also, here is a picture of her father, Octave, her mother Marie-Ange and her brother Joseph.


cm_renaud Octave_1853_1920_fils de Pierre_et_Latour_Aurélief-8_Q_cm=5Frenaud_Joseph-=C3=89mile=5F1900=5F1936_=__fils de_Octave_et_Limoges_Marie-AnneOctaveMarie-Ange

We are leaning more and more towards the theory that Octave build our house around 1879. However, the city seems to think that the house was built in 1864. Was the house built by Octave’s father in 1864? Was the house a summer kitchen perhaps or another type of building next to Octave father’s house?


6 thoughts on “Hélène The Nun, circa 1920

  1. Marie-Ange Renaud était célibataire et couturière.Elle a quitté Ste-Anne vers les années 65 pour Montréal. Si je m’en rappelle bien, elle ressemblait à sa mère et elle était une dame fière, toujours bien mise.

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