So we bought a house

Right… So we bought a house.

and to get things straight right at the beginning, YES, our house is THAT awesome that we need to blog about it.

So this blog is dedicated to all things house, decor, food and gardening and most importantly, it about the process of finding out about the different owners of that house as it was built in…1864!

For now thought, to start things off, here are pictures of the house, as it is now since we haven’t moved in yet. Love the house, not in love with the current decor (a bit to modern for our taste) but our antiques will fit right in once we move in!

The last owners pretty much renovated the whole thing BUT there are some original features such as the upstairs hardwood pine floors, the stone foundation and (depending on who you ask) the roof. We are now on a mission to restore the house as much as possible to it’s orignal charm. To do this we will actually need pictures of the house as it used to stand and while we have found pictures of the Church and some of the houses next to our from the early 1900 nothing of this particular house yet….


10 thoughts on “So we bought a house

  1. Quelle belle maison très bien restaurée avec goût, oh que j’ aimerais vivre dans un tel décor. Félicitations de nous partager, un gros Merci!


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