Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, those good ol’times!

Samedi a eu lieu le festival ‘dans le bon vieux temps’ dans le village. Pour l’occasion beaucoup d’activités on étaient organisé par la ville avec plusieurs commerçants et artisans locaux! Voici quelques photos de l’événement :

Preparation de tire artisanale au cercle des fermières

Local du cercle des fermières dans la bâtisse patrimonial des prêtres Chaumont

La maison des prêtres Chaumont, maintenant local du cercle des fermières

Magasin général improvisé dans l’ancienne grange écurie des prêtres Chaumont

Conférence avec l’historien Marcel Tessier dans l’église

M. Tessier nous a parlé de l’histoire du Curé Labelle

Et aussi deux vidéo: 

La chorale de la maison de la famille

Et la crié devant l’église!


Its pumpkin season!

And our little village is starting to take on beautiful fall colors!

We found the perfect spot to buy pumpkins straight from the farm at an amazing price. And, bonus point: they also sell decorative hay.

The pumpkin & hay trailer can be found near the juncture of rang du trait carré & monté morel, a little to your right coming from the village.



Demolishing History

Recently, there has been several articles about the demolition of historical sites and homes throughout the province.

It is so disheartening to see that this collective history means little more then nothing for some of those in charge. Of course, many historical building have been saved but we are demolishing a great deal every year… This, despite the fact that, in most cases, citizens had objected to these demolitions and taken action.

I just had to share some of these stories:


The Pierreville Church, constructed in 1855


Demolition started yesterday….

In this case, it was the owners of an ancestral house (constructed in 1850) who demolished it without permission from the city.


On a good note, here is an ancestral home that have been saved by it’s owners:


Hopefully, we can save a few for every one of these beautiful places that we loose!

These stories and more can be found on the APMAQ website

A Sunday Stroll Through the Old Terrebonne

One rainy Sunday we decided to go explore the old Terrebonne. My mother had told us that it was very nice and, for some reason, we were skeptical… we had never heard of it before.

Well, it was quite a treat! A lot of very nice old houses and cool looking restaurants. It kind of reminded us of Saco (Maine). In the parc near the water there are a tons of bernaches, which I think are also called Canada Goose (!). I had never seen one that close and they are HUGE!

Here are some pictures of our visit.